This has changed in the GOM Player.

  • [VOC and bug fixes]
    • Fixed embedded subtitles playback error

    • Fixed video output method changing error

    V 2.3.95 20240321
  • [VOC and bug fixes]
    • Bug fixes and stability improvement

    V 2.3.94 20240222
  • [VOC and bug fixes]
    • Fixed error that stopped whe playing AV1 codec when continue playing.

    • Fixed issue where Multiplexing contents audio does not change when GOM Filter is blocked.

    • Fixed issue where seach is not working when playing certain TS files.

    • Removed DirectSound audio device support.
    V 2.3.93 20240125
  • [Improvement of function]
    • Added Lyrics Sync Recommendation feature
    • Added feature that automatically syncs lyrics that match the video
    [VOC and bug fixes]
    • Corrected EVR renderer color processing error
    V 2.3.92 20231123
  • [Improvement of function]
    • Added search fuction for Korean Phonetics subtitles

    • Added webp format capture and playback support

    [VOC and bug fixes]
    • Fixed VR module error

    • Fixed to make bookmark search that do not distinguish capital and small letters

    • Fixed a freeze error when exiting after adjusting the subtitle sync

    V 2.3.91 20231026