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GOM Encoder

Getting an error message when trying to use the Intel H.264 codec.

If you didn’t install the IPP Run-Time when you installed GOM Encoder, you’ll get an error message saying, “Intel codec required for AVC(H.264) encoding has not been installed correctly. Install the plug-in and try again.” when you try to use the Intel H.264 codec. 

To fix this you need to download and install the IPP Run-Time. Afterwards you should be able to set use the Intel H.264 codec with no problems. 

Click Here’  to download the IPP Run-Time installer (around 24MB).

Installing the IPP Run-Time

1. Download and launch the installer.
2. Click [Yes] when prompted to allow the program to make changes to your system.
3. The installer will install the necessary files.
4. Click [Close] when the installation is complete.

Setting the Intel H.264 Codec

1. Launch GOM Encoder.
2. Click the [Config.] button at the top of the main window.
3. Click on the “Codec” tab.
4. Under “Codec Settings”, click the box next to “Intel H.264(Good at Multi-Conversion)”.
5. Click [OK] to save your settings and return to the main window.