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If the license is deauthorized after updating from v.1.0 to v.2.0

With the release of GOM Cam v.2.0 on March 12, 2018,

Updating from existing v.1.0 will upgrade version to v.2.0.



If you have already used the full version of GOM Cam

Please register your license again in the new GOM Cam.

You can continue to use the paid version (GOM Cam Basic) with your existing license.

* The existing paid version will be updated with GOM Cam Basic.

* If you want to use GOM Cam Pro, you can purchase upgrade product from homepage and register.



Re-register is only required once for the first time after the product upgrade,

Subsequent updates to the minor will remain licensed.



Please refer to below for license registration.




License Re-registration


① Click the key shape button at the top of the main screen.



② Enter your email address and ③ license key.

④ Click the 'Register' button.



⑤ Click 'Yes'.

* The above message is displayed because the license key is registered in GOM Cam v.1.0.



⑥ An authorization release email will be sent. Please check your email.

* Clicking the URL included in the email will complete the license deauthorization.

* After authorization release, re-register the license from the [Register] menu of the new GOM Cam.