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[GOM Player Plus] Notification of the changes in Terms and Conditions of GOM Player Plus Software

Hello. We are GOM Support Team.
The Terms and Conditions of 'GOM Player Plus' software has been changed as follows.


1. Reasons for revision
- Changes accrording to the range modification of general or corporate users, software installation and utilization
- Added detailed content of cancellation and refund by payment method
- Added content of non-cancelable and non-refundable cases after registration of software license
- The latest update of software-related information


2. Revisions


3. Revision Date
The revised Terms and Conditions will be effective as of May 23th, 2019, on the date of next software update.
The date of the software update is subject to change due to internal circumstances and will be notified on this post in advance.


Thank you.


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