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[Notice] Changes to the Calculation Criteria of the Expiration Date of Paid Software Licenses

Hello, this is GOM Support Team.
We are announcing that the calculation criteria of the expiration date of paid software licenses for Corporate•Educational•Public (B2BG) will be changed as follows.


1. Reason of Change

- Changes to the criteria for applying the expiration date of paid software licenses for Corporate•Educational•Public (B2BG)


2. Details of Change

- Before change: Expiration date (use period) of the each license is applied differently depending on the license registration date.

- After change: When purchasing two or more licenses of the same product at once, usage period will be based on the period of the initially registered license.

- Applicable to:

 1) Corporate•Educational•Public (B2BG) paid software license purchasers (credit card, account transfer payer)

 2) Only when 2 or more license keys of the same product are purchased at the same time and license keys are granted in a same order

    *Example. 1) In case of  purchasing 2 GOM Mix Pro licenses at once in a same order

    *Example. 2) If you are purchasing 1 GOM Mix Pro and 1 GOM Cam Pro license, a total of 2 payments will occur, so it will be considered as a different order. 


3. The Date of Change

- Expected application date: April 28, 2021 (Wed)

* In case of the changes to the application date, we will notify the users again through a notice.


Thank you.

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