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GOM Audio

How to install GOM Audio.

Once the download completes, locate and launch the installer client.

The installer client should be located in your browser's default download directory. To launch the installer, simply double-click the icon. 
After you launch the installer, the GOM Audio Setup window will appear.


This window is just a welcome screen. Click [Next >] to continue to the next step.


This window displays the GOM Audio End User License Agreement (EULA). Please make sure to read this agreement carefully before you install the software. 
After you've read the EULA, click the [I Agree] button to continue to the next step.


This window lets you choose which components you want to install, and allows you to set certain options such as file associations. 
For most users it is recommended that you don't make any changes on this window. 
When you're ready to move to the next step, click the [Next >] button.


At this point you may be presented with an optional software installation. Please read the content of this window carefully, and decide whether or not you'd like to install the additional software.

• Additional software offers are entirely optional and are not necessary to install or use GOM Audio

• The optional software offer screen may not always appear during installation

• The image above may not be an accurate representation of the most current optional software offer window

After deciding whether or not to install the optional software, click the [Next >] button.


If you'd like to change the installation directory, you can do so from this window. For most users we recommend leaving the installation directory as is. 
When you're ready, click the [Install] button to begin installing GOM Audio.


The installation should take only a few moments. When completed, this confirmation window will appear. Click the [Finish] button to close the GOM Audio installer.


** During the installation you may be presented with information and/or offers for other software products. It is entirely up to the user whether or not to accept / install additional software or services offered during the GOM Audio installation process.