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GOM Studio

The broadcast won't start. What should I do?

Please confirm the items below if your broadcast won't start.


1. Check the Stream Key

GOM Studio is an external broadcast device and uses the user's unique stream key to broadcast. 

Please check that the stream key in each broadcast service homepage has correctly been set.



2. Check the Server

  • YouTube

When unable to broadcast, change the server from Main Server to the Backup Server or vice versa before trying again.

  • Twitch

If the broadcast area is in Korea, please check if it is set to Asia : Seoul, South Korea. If still unable to start, try setting it as Singapore. (The Korean server has only been in service for a short time and may be unstable.)

  • Afreeca TV

Please check if it is set up the same as the external device settings on the Afreeca TV homepage.



3. Check the Network

- Please check if the network connection is stable. You cannot broadcast if the network signal is lost.


Please refer to the Best ways to use GOM Studio tip for detailed broadcasting / viewing methods for each station.

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