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GOM Remote

How is the security key issued?

If My PC is not shown on the device list of the mobile GOM Remote, the security key can be manually issued from the PC's GOM Remote for your connection.

  • Click the [Issue Security Key Tab > Issue Security Key] on the PC's GOM Remote.
  • Enter the 4-digit security key On the 'New Connection' screen of the mobile GOM Remote within the 3-minute time limit.
  • You are directed to the verification number entry step if the mobile entered security key matches the PC issued security key.
  • Enter the verification number shown on the PC screen on the mobile. If you set 'user password' to be used in Preferences on the PC's GOM Remote, enter your user password as the verification number.
  • (e.g.) If the user password 1234, enter 1234 in the verification number entry screen
  • Mobile and PC are connected if the entered verification numbers match.