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E-mail error message when registering a license or coupon

If you receive an email error message when registering your license or offer, please note the following:

1. Does not match with the email used to purchase the license
When registering a license, you must enter the same as the e-mail address you entered when purchasing.

Please check that you did not enter a different email address.

2. Invalid email format
The email address is formatted as 'UserID@domain name' as shown below.


3. If you do not match the email address format, you will not be able to register the license, so please check that you entered it correctly.
If you do not enter capital/small letters correctly In case that you enter e-mail address classifying capital and smaller letters when purchasing our software, you have to enter it in the same way when registering the license of GOM Software.

For example, if your email address is, please also enter when registering your license. (O) (X) (X)


When you see an error message although entering your e-mail correctly registering your license, please check your e-mail address as well as upper/lower case.