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Optimizing browser guide

If you use GOM Lab with this browser,
the service may be limited or an error may occur.

Install the Chrome browser below and try again.

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Solve your problem through customer service.

GOM Player Plus

During video playback, the screen stops and only the sound is played.



If the symptom is still not resolved even after reinstallation, please check again after changing the settings as follows.

① Go to [Preferences (F5) > Video > Video tab] and change Output Type to VMR9-Renderless Mode or VMR9-Windowed Mode.

② Close the Preferences window and close the GOM Player and run it again.

③ Play back the image.


Also, please delete all installed codecs from the control panel and play them again.

If the symptom does not improve after changing the setting as above, check if the  other player is playing normally, not the GOM Player.