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What is the “Chroma-key” function for webcams?

The chroma-key function enables you to combine a desired color or image in a specific color area.

An easy-to-understand example is the weather information screen displayed during TV weather forecast.

In the TV weather forecast, we see a weather broadcaster standing in front of a large weather screen. In actuality, the broadcaster is standing in front of a blue or a green screen, and the weather information screen is combined in the screen area behind the broadcaster during the editing work.

For more details about the chroma-key function, refer to the following link:



You can use the Chroma-key function of GOM Cam with the following procedure:



When you use the Webcam recording menu


1. Click the “Device setting” button in the toolbar of the recording window.

2. In the “Device setting” window, click the “Decorate” tab, and select “Use Chromakey”.

3. For using chroma key, select a color target in the “Color Key”.  If you choose white, the white color or a color similar to white in the screen will be specified as the chromakey area.

4. Select 'Background setting', and set the color or image to be inserted in the chromakey area.




When you use the Effects settings/Preview window


1. Click the “Effects settings” button in the recording window.

2. Enter the editing mode by clicking the Add Webcam button, or a selecting a webcam device that was previously added in the Effect List,

3. Click the “Decorate” tab, and then select “Use Chromakey”.

4. The remaining procedure is the same as that for [When you use the Webcam recording menu].