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GOM Player

How do I change my mode in preferences on GOM Player?

1. Change “Basic Mode” to “Classic Mode”
Enter the [Preferences(F5) > Others] menu in Basic Mode.

Click “Change to Classic version” in [Others > Setting mode].


2. Change “Classic Mode” to “Basic Mode”
Enter the [Preferences(F5) > Others] menu in Classic Mode.

Select [Others > 'Setting mode' Tab on the right side] to click 'Use as New Version(Beta)'.

③ Reminder when you change your mode.
    · When you change your setup mode, please make sure that you click the “Save” button to save it.
      - If you change your mode without saving your setup mode, all settings will be initialized.
      - The settings that you saved can be only opened in each setup mode. 
        (e.g. You can’t open your setup mode, which you saved in Classic Mode.)
    · You can use Classic Mode, but you won’t be provided any further feature update to Classic mode.