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GOM Mix Pro

Audio Sample Copyright Notice

GOM Mix Pro offers some audo samples for creating videos using various audo samples,

You can freely produce videos using the audio samples.


[If you use the following 13 sound sources commercially, you need a copyright notice]

- Eternal Sunshine by Kwon Minho, Kim Jeongsik, Kim Mingi, Kim Hanyeong

- Fantasy Piano by Kim Taehyeon

- Iceberg by Kim Taehyeon

- Last Travel by Moon Yangjin

- Planet Travel by Moon Yangjin

- Red Guitar by Kim Taehyeon

- Splendent by Moon Yeji, Kim Jeongsik, Kim Mingi, Kye Hanyong

- Tears by Koo Jaeyeong, Kim Jeongsik, Kim Mingi, Kye Hanyong

- Sharing and hope by Han Jeonga

- Wind by Choi Semi

- Always together by Kim Seungyong

- Minute of a sparrow by Park Yujin

- Hanmadang by Lee Yongseok, Kim Jeongsik, Kim Mingi, Kye Hanyong


However, if you use non-commercial or commercial videos containing the above 13 sound sources

Please be sure to guide the name of the sound source and the name of the author used in the video.


[Example of a guideline for using the source name and author name]

Used source name by author name (CC BY)

Used source name by author name