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Is mosaic required to see CCTV?


Today, we are going to learn how to process mosaic in GOM Mix Max


Recently, there was an article about secondary civil complaints due to the provision that the requester should bear the mosaic processing cost when requesting CCTV access in an apartment or a problem occurring in daily life in residential areas.

In this kind of situation, even if your child is suspected of child abuse at the daycare center, you have to pay for a mosaic costing tens of thousands of dollars.


It could be very annoying if you need to see the incident from CCTV but have to pay for the mosaic fee.




There is an easy way to make mosaic with a video editing tool such as GOM Mix Max without paying.

In addition to CCTV, mosaic feature could be necessary for exposure to other sensitive matters when filming on YouTube.

So it could be helpful to check out the details in this post.


So let’s check out how to process mosaic in GOM Mix Max.



Part 1. Loading original video into GOM Mix Max


Part 2. Editing unnecessary video cuts


Part 3. Mosaic processing with GOM Mix Max (using the effect function)


Part 4. Export video



Part 1. Loading original video into GOM Mix Max

* add media files!




① Upload the original video file to do mosaic in GOM Mix Max. 

- In the clip tab, click ‘Add Media File’ to add the original video (or use drag & drop) 

- Place the imported file on the timeline bar. 

* TIP! To view the imported video in detail on the timeline, use Ctrl+Mouse wheel.



Part 2. Edit unneeded video cuts

* just remember the scissors mark!



② To exclude the needed parts of the video, delete the unnecessary parts by cut editing. 

- On the timeline bar, place lines (indicator bars) at the beginning and end of the video to be excluded and click Trim Video (scissors mark). 

- Check that only the desired video is displayed in the preview screen area.  

- If you have cut the wrong part, press Ctrl+Z and cut it again.  

*TIP! If there are many parts to cut, it is useful to mark them by clicking Add marker and then cut and edit them one by one.



Part 3. Using mosaic effect with GOM Mix Max (using the effect function)

search for ‘mosaic’ in the effect window!




③ Using mosaic effect with GOM Mix Max (using the effect function)

- To do mosaic, you need to use the effect function.

- If you enter ‘Mosaic’ in the search field in the effect window, three items appear as shown above.

- If you need partial mosaic, select ‘Blur/Mosaic Figure’ or ‘Blind Screen / Mosaic Figure’ and drag and drop to the timeline video.

- If you need full mosaic, select ‘Mosaic’ and drag and drop it on the timeline.

- If you see the fx mark, it is properly applied.

- If the effect is applied well, double-click the effect to enter the detailed adjustment.

- Warning! In the case of partial mosaic, you can move the mosaic area (shape) while clicking the ◾ mark in the middle of the preview window. Adjust the size of the shape by entering a numerical value in the effect setting window.



Part 4. Export video

* When exporting a video, set the quality to ‘very good’!




④ Export edited video

- For all edited videos, click ‘Export’ to proceed with video extraction.

* TIP! In case of CCTV videos, the quality is often blurry, so we recommend to change the quality to ‘Very Good’


If you followed all the steps, the mosaic would be in perfect spot of the video!


Today, we learned how to process mosaics in GOM Mix Max.

Compared to other editing tools, the advantage of GOM Mix Max is that you can conveniently add effects with an easy UI/UX.

Convenient video editing means that anyone, regardless of gender or age, can edit video with just a few edits.

There are various editing effects in GOM Mix Max, so it would be nice to check them while applying them yourself.

Don't worry about the expensive mosaic cost anymore, use the convenient video editing tool GOM Mix Max.


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