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Top 4 Best Video Editing Softwares used by Famous YouTubers


Some people who are interested in video editing might be tempted to choose softwares which are commonly used by famous YouTubers. 


It is no longer a secret to say that YouTube Creators often use Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro! 

These two softwares have been chosen by many YouTubers all around the world, and you probably have heard of them at least once if you are planning to edit videos. 


But are their notoriety enough to recommend them to anyone? Would these two programs truly meet everyone expectations and fit everyone’s needs? They could be too complicated to use for people who don’t have basic knowledge of video editing. They could also not match all computers’ specifications. 


In this article, we will compare the characteristics of Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, but we will also introduce free alternatives. 

Check it out if you’ve always wanted to become a YouTube Creator! 


Table of Contents 


Part 1.  Top 2 Best Video Editing Softwares used by Popular YouTubers! 

  1.1 Adobe Premiere Pro   

  1.2  Final Cut Pro 


Part 2. Top 2 Best Video Editing Softwares used by Free alternatives.

   2.1 GOM Mix Max

   2.2 iMovie 


Part 3.  Details to look at when selecting a video editing program

   3.1 Does it work with the specifications of your computer?

   3.2 Does your PC’s OS support it?

   3.3 Is there any specific feature that you want to use?


Part 1. Top 2 Best Video Editing Softwares used by Popular YouTubers! 


Among all the video editing programs often used by YouTube creators, we will compare two different ones : 



1.1 Adobe Premiere Pro

1.2 Final Cut Pro



Let’s see the different characteristics of the two programs!  


1.1  Adobe Premiere Pro:Used by Yu Nerin, Drawandrew, and JESSY (나경) 


Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing softwares among YouTubers.  

But it is also known for having been used in the production of various shows and films such as Deadpool, Superman Returns, and the theatrical version of Sin Evangelion. 


Adobe Premiere Pro includes a large variety of features such as motion graphics and sound effects. Templates are also included, which make the editing process easier for beginners. 

The other strength of Adobe Premiere Pro is that it can be used on a wide range of computers, since it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. 


1.2 Final Cut Pro:Used by Dragon Lake (용호수) 

Final Cut Pro is another video editing software which is very famous among YouTubers. 

Its main particularity is that it is relatively easy to use compared to Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Another advantage is that Final Cut Pro has Metal engine, which allows users to edit videos with large frames and high frame speeds.  

There is also a possibility to extend and customize its features while using plug-ins.  


Contrary to Adobe Premiere Pro, which needs a monthly payment, Final Cut Pro is available after a single payment. Considering the fact that it can be used permanently after that, we can think that this is a cost-effective editing software. 


However, Final Cut Pro has a big downside. Indeed, it is only available on Mac OS, therefore people who have a Windows computer won’t be able to use it. 

Here’s a list of free video editing softwares that we recommend to people who want to become YouTuber. 


We’ve presented you the two most representative video editing programs that are used by famous YouTubers. 

However, there might be some people who would prefer an easy-to-use software which wouldn’t cost them money. 


Therefore, we picked up two free video editors that are recommended for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on editing tools. 



Part 2.  Top 2 Best Video Editing Softwares used by Free alternatives.



   2.1 GOM Mix Max

   2.2 iMovie



2.1 We recommend using GOM Mix Max if you have a Windows PC 


GOM Mix Max is a video editing software which is only available on Windows.

It is possible to test its various functions and convenient features during a free trial of 14 days, however, after a subscription will be necessary to keep using it after this period.  


Transitions and color grading tools such as fade-in and fade-out are available, therefore even beginners can make good quality videos. There are also various editing features which greatly reduce the overall editing time.  


The paid version allows people to edit 4K videos, but also gives access to a large range of fonts. 


Then, another main characteristic is that this program doesn’t need a high-spec PC to work properly. Indeed, it will work perfectly with Intel Core i5 or higher computers. 


GOM Mix Max has many advantages, which is why it is recommended for Windows PC users. 



Free Download  View Details




2.2 We recommend using iMovie if you have a Mac PC 


iMovie is a video editing program which is only available on Mac 

It is automatically installed on Mac computers’ board, which makes it free for all Mac users.  


iMovie doesn’t have many editing features, so it is simple and intuitive to use for beginners. Also, thanks to its screen configuration, anyone can easily edit videos.  


Then, one of the main characteristics of iMovie is that you can edit 4K video files. 

Indeed, there are not a lot of free editing programs which make editing in high-definition possible, so it is a huge advantage for those who are interested in this special feature. 


If you have a Mac computer, we highly recommend you to start editing with iMovie first. Indeed, since it is automatically available on your board, there’s no hassle in installing it. 


Part 3. Details to look at when selecting a video editing program :  


There are three main things you should look at before choosing your editing software. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a video editor in the future, please check the three following points : 


3.1:Does it work with the specifications of your computer?


When you are choosing an editing program, it is important to double check the specifications of your computer. If your computer has a low performance the chosen program may not work on it.  


CPU and memory are the two important specificities that you should pay the more attention at. Indeed, CPU represents the speed at which data is processed, while memory represents the amount of data that can be processed simultaneously.  


If the performance of those two are too low, the video editor won’t function properly.  

At the contrary, the GPU is known for being not very important when it comes to video editing. 


The ideal CPU is Core i5, Ryzen 7, or higher. When it comes to the memory, the ideal would be 8GB or higher.  

Make sure to check the specifications of your computer before making a decision. People who want to edit high-definition video should use higher-performance PC.  


You can check the recommended specification of PC for video editing in the article down below. 


Spec Summary on Recommended Desktop PC for Video Editing!



3.2:Does your PC’s OS support it?



Depending on the video editing software, there may be a limited OS available. 


Even if the software "can be used on Windows PC, but not on Mac”, please make sure to check if it is compatible with your computer’s OS, such as Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.  


3.3:Is there any specific feature that you want to use?



Depending on the video editing program, the features may be different.  

Some might not have all the features that you want or that you need.  



Especially editing materials and templates are very different from a software to another. 

Also, the filters and transitions which are installed by default can vary a lot.  


Make sure to check the functions of the software.  



In conclusion, choose a video editing program that suits you and that will help you become the YouTuber that you’ve always wanted to be! 



This article introduced Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, which are both used by famous YouTubers. If you want to make professional-level videos, we recommend you using one of those.  



We have also learned about GOM Mix Max, a free video editor. And we have listed the three important things that you should check when choosing an editing program. 


Make sure to check this article if you are about to choose a video editing software for beginners.