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Top 5 Best Video Software for 2022




출처 : Techtimes 







Video editing software goes beyond standards with features tailored to fit your needs.


Set with multiple options, editors like you will have the chance to expound your creativity all in one video editing software.


Now extended through the video editor app, you can also choose to edit anytime, anywhere. 


Not just that, additional functions are also made easy, so you won't have to access third-party applications to enhance the video quality.


In just a couple of clicks, you should be rendering your output in no time! Check out these top 5 best video software to professionally turn your raw footage into a refined output in different takes and angles with ease and quality. 




Which Software Is Best for Video Editing? 



As video editing software progressed into cutting and pasting, higher demands were tapped, such as featuring post-production operations, creating advanced videography output. 



With this in mind, the best software for video editing should not just have a simple cropping and color correction setting.


The ideal video editing software must have effects like blurring and cross dissolving. It should also support exposure adjustment alongside the option to fade in/fade out when it comes to both video and audio. 


Moreover, there must be frame cropping, trimming, and re-sequencing to obtain the order you have imagined before editing your video.

Cutaways must also be present so you can manipulate the video output the way you pictured it. 


Furthermore, the best video editor should be free and offers hassle-free instructions and quick rendering time to increase your productivity so you can edit more videos in a day. 




#1 ClipChamp



ClipChamp is one of the most popular video editors. Besides providing free standard video editing software, it is also known for its other features like a converter, web recorder, and compressor.



Equipped with an intuitive platform, Clipchamp paves the way for beginners to complete their output within a short period with minimal effort, too.

You can directly save your videos on your computer or choose to share them in Google Drive. 



Editing videos with this video editor app, you only have to drag and drop raw footage, then look for the trimming, cropping, rotating, and flipping settings to manage your edits.


You may also adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast quality. 


Additionally, you are free to select different text styles, overlays, transitions, and backgrounds to improve your video.

You may also configure how full you want the content to appear with different aspect ratios. 

On the other hand, it can only support 480P SD resolution without watermarks. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the premium plan. Regardless, you can still import 4k videos to edit. 


Benefits and Features 


- Easy and intuitive 


- Plenty of effects to choose from 


- Supports different aspect ratio


- Supports import of 4K resolution films 


- Different ways to download your output 



#2 WeVideo



The second spot belongs to WeVideo, another free video editing software.

With WeVideo, you have the choice to upload your raw footage, photos, music, and files into the tool and edit it the way you want to.


There are also stock media to use, which quickly edit your videos without importing.


However, some stock media is limited to paid versions, but you can still choose to use free sound effects if you don't have any music to import. 




Aside from offering basic splitting and trimming, the video editing software lets you add markers to particular clips, add simple text, transitions, background, overlays, and frames.


WeVideo has a video editor app for both Apple and Android users. At the same time, it can be used for offline video editing, too. 


Other premium features like green screen, voiceover, slow motion, sync, etc., are available in paid versions.


Still, WeVideo can also support 4K resolution besides its 480P standard video quality.

You only need to sign up and sign in on its official website to edit your videos. 



Benefits and Features


- Easy to use  


- No additional app needed  


- Available on mobile phones 


- Equipped with stock media 


- Support 480P and 4K resolution 


- Offers variety of fonts, effects, layouts, and background 





#3 PowToon



If you want to create and edit videos that intend to explain, PowToon has to be the best option out there.


PowToon makes use of digital paper cut-outs of objects and people that goes well with the colorful backgrounds of your choice to appear more attractive to your audience.


Editing is also the easiest with a drag-and-drop style. 



If you don't know where to start but want to progress with your video output, this video editing software will provide several templates depending on how you like the situation to come out.


However, like an explainer video, the templates are mostly related to video explainers, such as a teacher on a lecture.


In addition, there are limited marketing, infographic, and other video presentation templates. 


Moreover, PowToon supports three aspect ratios, which are 1:1 square, 16:9 horizontal, and 9:16 vertical.


There are also stock videos you can obtain in Storyblocks.


At the same time, PowToon lets you choose any of its animated objects and people.


You can export videos for up to three minutes if you want high-definition quality. 




Benefits and Features


- Easy drag-and-drop style 


- Supports three aspect ratios 


- Great for explanatory videos 


- Not limited to lecture templates


- Free animated objects and people 


- Free Stock Available




#4 GOM Mix Max



To bring you the most accessible and ideal ways to edit your videos, GOM Mix Max is here to provide new high-quality and easy to use software for PC.


Besides being always up to date, it also stands as one of the most affordable and promising software for video gurus like you on a global scale. 


GOM Mix Max is one of several high-quality media software and applications developed by GOM&Company, boasting its 23 years of expertise in IT and development.


The video editing software will let you edit videos with ease wherever you go on any occasion, be it home or corporate setup. 






GOM Mix Max Review: What Is the Easiest Software To Edit Videos?  



If you're not a professional in the field, GOM Mix Max got your back with its user interface and user experience (UI/UX) that will focus on your visions and how you want your output to come out, especially since it's entirely human-centered.


This user-friendly feature not only showcases a simple interface for you to use, but it also has an attractively stylish design on it. 


Check out what the video editor has in store for you with its features: 



- Features 


User-Friendly Interface With Complete UI/UX Composition


For additional options, you can now change the location of the preview and menu area. You can also set the hotkeys to search for effects, including post-production effects and overlays, then add them all to your Favorites.


There is also a new home screen to easily check the updated features.

For convenience, GOM Mix Max added a tutorial guide for you. 




Customizable/ Adjustable Editing Features


This allows you to adjust and apply templates in detail by finely adjusting the time to apply the effects and other settings.


You can access additional timeline functions, too, in addition to the basic menu function.


You can perform both cutting and pasting, as well as editing features such as inserting media into the middle or the back of the video. ​ 



Unlimited Multi-Track With Various Clip Layouts


You can use multi-track if you're performing simultaneous editing of multiple sources, plus an unlimited number of tracks of your choice.


Consequently, your video track can contain images, videos, and texts.


There is also an option for both video and audio separation. 


GOM Mix Max is one of the rarest video editors capable of serving an easy-to-use and friendly interface while producing high-quality videos.


It also offers fast encoding, chroma key for green screen, picture in picture feature, multi-track, and customizable/adjustable editing attributes. 



Also Read: GOM Mix Max: Easy-to-Use Video Software for All Editing Needs [REVIEW] | Tech Times 



- New Features 


Chroma Key: You can create a complete video by inserting images in the background, similar to the functions of a green screen. 


PIP (Picture in Picture): PIP lets you display a small screen inside the screen and is usually supported by display devices.

You are free to position the screen in any corner you want while making it possible to adjust the size. 


Encoding​: Compared to the GOM Mix Pro, the encoding time has been reduced and is now three times lighter, from 697 MB to 127MB. 


Faster in Upgraded Devices / Intel Core i5 or Higher: The encoding size is divided through sizes that are optimized for YouTube. 


Offers Colorful Video Editing Through Rich Basic Sources: There are more than 130 effects comprising filters, templates, sound sources, and more that you can use for your film. There are 130+ kinds of overlay & transition effects installed as standard in video editing software. 





-  Affordable price - only $39.99/year


- Easy to use 


- User-friendly interface  


- Faster encoding process 


- Produces high-quality outputs 


- Does not have heavy storage requirements for PC  


- With features, effects, and overlays that can turn your raw footage into a professional output




How Do I Edit a Video Using GOM Mix Max? 




#1 Add raw videos you want to edit. 


#2 Access all the standard features to edit your videos. 


#3 Add effects, overlays, and other post-production designs of your choice. 


#4 Convert your videos in any tone you wish; it could be energetic, solemn, etc. 


#5 Encode the video in the quickest way possible in just a click. There is a watermark included, but if the user adds payment information, they can get a two-month free trial without limitations. 


Use this opportunity to gather all your raw footage and turn it into a professional output in just a few clicks.

The video editing software, GOM Mix Max, won't disappoint.


Plus, you can access the video editor app everywhere you go and make videos about your journey to share with your friends! 




#5 Magisto



For an automated video maker, a video editing software like Magisto is the one for you.


With this video editing app, you can turn your videos into different forms that you can share every day across social media platforms.


Besides being user-friendly, the tools are also easy to find, and there's a quick rendering process to anticipate, too. 





Magisto is beneficial for people who want to create videos for friends' birthdays and other special occasions, like weddings.


There are editing styles you can choose from, and they may also be exported to either your Facebook or Google Plus account.


You may import photos and videos of your choice to include them in your output. 


Other styles include business-related templates and designs, as well as seasonal ones.

Although some styles may require upgrading, some standard ones are free to use.


There is also a built-in library to obtain music if you don't have your own.

Additionally, to touch up your video, there are several transitions to choose from. 


Benefits and Features 


- Free to use 


- Free templates and styles 


- Quick rendering process 


- Free effects and music to choose from


- Available on the web and phones 




To choose the best video editing software, you must consider that it should not just provide basic trimming and cropping.


There should be several options to choose from so you can let your creativity run free.


Besides that, you should be able to edit with ease and preciseness to boost your productivity. 


Be it professional or personal use, the listed video editing software offers features beyond the standard that will help you improve your vision and create outputs that will exceed expectations.


Moreover, as upheld by its video editing apps, you are now more than free to edit your raw videos anytime, anywhere. 



[This article is owned by Tech Times | Written by Thea Felicity]