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How to capture a full-screen scroll





There are moments when you need to capture something while searching on the internet.

An image that comes on one screen is fine, but sometimes it's much more convenient to capture a full screen.

So far, have you captured and collected one by one?

Then, I'd like to introduce you how to capture a full screen scroll at once using the GOM Cam.



The capturing tool, which is a built-in Windows program used by many people, cannot capture a full screen scroll, so what you need is the free screen scroll capture program "GOM Cam."

GOM Cam is well known as a screen recording program, and it is actively used among online lecture takers.

For those who want to use GOM Cam more effectively and want to capture full screen for free, I will introduce GOM Cam's image capturing function. 




[How to capture the screen] - Easy and quick way to capture 


I'll briefly explain how to capture a scroll screen with a GOM Cam in three steps.

It's a quick and simple method that takes less than 30 seconds.

If you need to capture the scroll screen, you can use it for free.

Download the GOM Cam first and follow how to use it! 



STEP 01. Run GOM Cam 





First, please prepare the page you would likt to capture before screen scroll capture.

And then run the GOM Cam. When the GOM Cam logo appears on the screen like the above.

Please wait until the program to run.





When you run the GOM Cam, screen will appear as above. If you want to record a screen, click the Screen tab. 
However, to capture a full screen scroll, click the arrow next to the Image tab under the Screen tab. 




STEP 02. Right arrow of Image -> click Scrolling capture




When you click the arrow next to an Image tab, you can see various types of image capture functions, such as single capture, multiple capture, and so on.


For full screen scroll capture, click the Scrolling Capture button among different capture styles.

In addition to capturing full-screen scrolls, you can easily capture what you want with the features of each style.

You can also capture GIF with GIF Capture button.

If you use GOM Cam's capture function, you can easily save the desired scene or funny GIFs in the video.

So, choose the function you want at the moment you need with GOM Cam in various ways.




STEP 03. Click the scroll icon at the top of the site 




Press the Scrolling Capture button to view the scroll icon in the upper center of the site you want to capture. Click the icon to complete the capture.

During scrolling capture, don't scroll with your mouse, just wait for your computer to scroll automatically.

If you want to stop in the middle of scrolling, click the mouse.

The scroll capture will stop immediately after clicking, and only the parts that have been scrolled are captured and saved.

If you want to stop a page that is too long, don't forget to click the mouse!




Screen scroll capture complete! 




When auto-scrolling is complete, you can see the capture image saved on the black screen that you saw on the first page.

Simple and quick screen scroll capture is complete.

Please use the screen capture function of various styles as well as the screen recording with the GOM Cam!!