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Applying Chroma Key Effect



Have you seen the movie, Jurassic Park? It is one of the best films.

If you see actual dinosaurs in the city, you’ll be really surprised!   



Using a dinosaur source and video effect, you can create a professional video of a dinosaur appearing in the city.

I’ll introduce how to edit that creative video!




1. Recording Video 

2. Run GOM Mix Max 

3. Effect – Chromakey 

4. Additional Effect: Shake Effect   







✅ Recording Video 



To make creative video content, dinosaur source is the most important thing to prepare.

We need a video that the dinosaur is walking without background.

You should prepare the dinosaur source with a monochromatic background.

When you search dinosaurs on the free stock video websites, you can get dinosaur green screen videos for free.   



👉 Top 8 Free stock video websites



Also, you need to prepare a video of a person who is surprised to see the dinosaur and an urban background image or video.

We recorded a person who was watching a dinosaur video while walking and suddenly, ran away because she met a dinosaur in real.

So, we recorded the video of a person who is surprised and running away respectively.  




✅ Run GOM Mix Max  



Now, run the video editing software GOM Mix Max to edit videos. 
※ You can use a premium version of GOM Mix Max for free for 2 months. 



Run GOM Mix Max and open 2 videos that you recorded, an image or a video of the city, and a dinosaur source.

You can import the videos through the ‘Add media files’ button.

Drag and drop the clips on Master V1 and trim them.

And then, put the dinosaur source on Master V2.    





✅ Effect - Chromakey 


Click the alpha/crop/mask in the Effects tab to apply the Chromakey effect.

Depending on the processing status of the background color you want to give the Chromakey effect, you can select and apply the appropriate Chromakey effect from the two Chromakeys.

We're going to use Chroma Key 01. 


Click the dinosaur clip and apply the effect ‘Chromakey 01’.

First, you can see the color and picker. Using the picker, you can remove the background of the dinosaur video.

To make high-quality and natural video, adjust the minimum and maximum threshold.  





✅ Additional Effect – Shake Effect 



If you want to make your video more dynamic, the Shake effect will be the best.

GOM Mix Max has a Shake effect preset in the Effects tab. So, you can apply it quickly and easily. 



 Click the clip you want to apply the Shake effect and apply Shake 01 or Shake 02 in the Attribute of Effects tab. Shake 01 swings in all directions, and you can adjust the frequency and intensity.

On the other hand, in Shake 02, you can adjust the horizontal and vertical frequencies as you like, so you can adjust more finely.

Choose according to your preference and add the effect that the ground shakes every time the dinosaur walks! 



Finally, the video is ready! Let's share this funny video on your social media. If you have a video of monochromatic background, you can easily apply the chromakey effect.

If you want to know more detail, please watch the video below!