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Making Doppelganger Effect Video


 You might imagine meeting Doppelganger at least once. You can make your imagination to reality through video editing. Using a simple crop effect, you can create your clone easily. Let’s see how to make a clone with GOM Mix Max!





1. Recording Video 
2. Run GOM Mix Max
3. Effect – Transform – Adjust Opacity to sync videos.
4. Effect – Square Crop / Create a scene where you and your Doppelganger are in one place 







✅ Recording Videos

 To clone yourself, you should record videos twice. Record your actor on the left and the right side of the screen respectively. You have to fix your camera when you record the video. It makes your video smoother. And an actor’s performance is an essential thing! We recorded the actor on the left side of the screen first. And then we recorded the actor on the right side on time. Recording on time can make your video clear and smooth. 




✅ Run GOM Mix Max

Now, run GOM Mix Max.

※ You can use the premium version GOM Mix Max for free for 2 months.


Run GOM Mix Max and open 2 video files you recorded. You can import video files by clicking the ‘Add media files’ button. Insert 2 video clips into the Master V1 and V2 respectively. The principal thing in creating this video is ‘Timing’. So, it is important to make both clips sync well. Leave the space in front of the clips to sync them easily.



✅ Effect - Transform – Adjust Opacity: To sync videos

 How to edit two videos in a timely manner? Here’s a tip to sync easily using the ‘Transform’ effect. Choose the clip on the V2 and click the ‘Transform’ in the Effects tab. There are many values that you can adjust in detail. Adjust the ‘Opacity’ until 50. And then, you can sync both clips smoothly. 



If you Sync both clips perfectly after adjusting the opacity, cut the useless part of the video and delete the ‘Transform’ effect. Select the clip and click the ‘fx’ in the toolbar (on the timeline panel) to delete the effect. 




✅ Effect – Square Crop: Create a scene where you and your Doppelganger are in one place 

 It’s time to synthesize two clips. Synthetizing is easy by using the ‘Square crop’ in the effect tab. First, slice both clips based on the central point that the actor places and holds the cup. After that, adjust the Crop effect on clips respectively.




Next, use the square crop effect to mask out one of our actors. Make sure to crop the first video to the left side of the cup and the second video to the right side of the cup. Play the video and adjust it to make the video smooth.




But, part of the video might be cut. You can restore these parts using the square crop effect. Click the ‘add track’ button or use hotkey ‘Shift + V’ to add a new track. And copy the video on Master V1 and paste it into the new track. Also, be sure to put the part that you restore using the square crop effect. 




Now, your video is ready!

It’s really easy to clone yourself using GOM Mix Max, isn’t it?

Here is a tutorial video about ‘How to clone yourself. If you want to learn it through the video, just click the link below!