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How to Edit Vlog with GOM Mix Max


 Vlog, which stands for Video and Blog is the most popular topic of digital content. The popularity of Vlogging channels is exploding, since it is the easiest way to reach the needs of people who would like to find out about other people’s daily lives.
Do you want be a successful Vlogger? First of all, you should record your daily life and edit! In the last article (’Best Video Editing Software for Vloggers’), we talked about why Vlogs are so popular also, recommended the best video editing software for Vloggers. 

 In this article, you can learn how to edit a Vlog with GOM Mix Max. Even if you are a beginner editor, you can start a vlogging channel with professional video content! Are you starting as a Vlogger? Please keep your eyes on it!



  1) Project Setting in GOM Mix Max

  2) Clip Trimming

  3) Add Text 

  4) Add Background music

  5) Recommended Effects for Vlog

  - LUT Filter

  - Dissolve

  - Glitch

  - Crop

  - Playback Speed 






✅ Project Setting in GOM Mix Max


 Before you start editing your Vlog, download the best video editor GOM Mix Max.

 After entering your account information, you can use GOM Mix Max with 2 months free trail! After 2 months, it costs only $39.99 which is the same as $3.33 a month. This is one of the biggest reasons why we recommend it to you!



 First, Open GOM Mix Max and click the plus (+) button on the upper left corner to create a new project. Depending on the social media platform you would like to upload, decide the aspect ratio. There are many options that you can choose such as 16:9 for YouTube, 1:1 for Instagram, and 9:16 for Shorts.





✅ Clip Trimming



 Click the ‘Add media files’ button and import the media you would like to edit. And then, drag down the media in the Master V1 timeline panel. Now, your media is ready to edit!

 If you click the video clip on Master V1, you can see that the scissors-shaped ‘Slice Clip’ function is activated. Click that button to cut the clips. Put the pink-colored play head wherever you want and click the ‘Slice clip’ button to cut the clips.

 Afterward, drag and add other video clips next to each other. You can trim the video clips very easily with GOM Mix Max.





✅ Add Text


 The subtitle is one of the most important things in the Vlog. Adding text is not a big deal at all! You can add subtitles to your video using the ‘Text panel’ in GOM Mix Max. Not only the built-in style text in GOM Mix Max, but you can also create the text and store the preset that you made.

 First, let’s put the basic text, click the plus (+) button in the built-in text style to place it in the timeline. If you double-click text on the timeline panel, you can edit them right away. You can also enter any text and choose the font immediately from above it. 

 You can use basic fonts provided by the PC and, you can use the free additional fonts that GOM Mix Max provided. Therefore, you can improve the quality of the Vlog. If you would like to decorate the text with gradation or image, just click the ‘Advanced button’ below.





✅ Add Background Music


 Background music decides the vibe of the Vlog. Depending on the background music, the quality of the Vlog could be varied. GOM Mix Max also provides diverse free music, so you can add music tracks for free.

 Using the ‘Sample Sound’ part in the clip panel, you can use background music, intro music, and sound effects. Click the plus (+) button to import it to the project clip and drag it to the Master A1 (audio tracks) on the timeline.

 If you would like to use other background music, visit the ‘YouTube Audio Library’ where you can use royalty-free music only on YouTube. Download the music and import it. Add the audio clip in the same way as you add the video clip.






✅ Recommended Video Effects for Vlog


 If you edit the Vlog, except for the clip trimming tool, text tool, and background music, you need many different video editing effects are needed to make a high-quality video. GOM Mix Max offers more than 200 effects preset and you can see how effects will be applied easily and choose what you want because of user-friendly UI. Here are some recommended effects of Vlog!


◾ LUT Filter

Through ‘Effect – LUT Filter’ color grading is not difficult at all. You can create the Vlog with the vibes that you want.




◾ Dissolve 

Dissolve is the gradual transition effect that can move to the next video smoothly. In GOM Mix Max, you can use transition effects between the clips and tracks. 



◾ Glitch

Using ‘Effect – Glitch’ you can create a retro vibe video. There are two types of Glitch effects. Glitch 01, which gives a slight crack on the screen, and Glitch 02, which gives RGB shift effect.




◾ Crop

You can use the Crop effect on the Alpha/Crop/Mask of Effect to create diverse styles. GOM Mix Max offers circle crop, square crop, and 4 points crops. 



◾ Playback Speed 

You can use the ‘Speed’ function when you would like to make a slow-motion video or time-lapse video. Just click the clip you would like to change the speed and right-click on your mouse to enter the speed function. Or you can use the hotkey ‘Alt+R’ to add the speed effect directly.




🙏 In this article, we gave you some guides to make a Vlog with GOM Mix Max. If you would like to be a successful content creator, create videos with easy-to-use video editing software GOM Mix Max!