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GOM Mix Max Update Highlights



 If you are used to using video editing software, you can find out that an additional feature can save editing time. Also, users want more features when they are getting used to video editing. You can’t tell that the most featured software is the best, but if it has many features, it can help people to edit videos.


 To provide a more pleasant working environment, GOM Mix Max has been updated. New features and effects are added to save your editing time and make stunning videos. And benefits for non-members have been expanded to increase ease of use. Here are some of the highlights of this update. 



    Table of Contents

    ㆍNew Features: Save Editing Time (Marker / Export Audio)

    ㆍPremium Benefits for Premium Users (5 Premium Fonts for Premium Users)

    ㆍTry diverse editing with new sources (New Objects and Text Preset)

    ㆍService for Non-Members








1. NEW features - Save Editing Time


✔ Marker

 Through the users’ feedback, the marker feature is available now! It is one of the most important features to save editing time and is very useful when editing a long video. You can divide chapters without trimming the long clip every time, so you can quickly find and move the scene you want when you apply effects or texts. 
Also, you can leave some comments during the editing process, making it easier to collaborate by viewing the marker comments, distinguishing the source, or sharing your opinion with others.

 The hotkey setting is essential for this feature because the marker feature is one of the most widely used features. In GOM Mix Max, you can easily set the hotkey so you can use this feature without having to right-click it every time.

✔ Audio Export

 Audio preset has been added to the Export setting. It is a useful feature when you need to convert video tracks and audio clips into MP3 files. You can export MP3 files directly by choosing the audio preset. 






2. Benefits for Premium Users – get 5 premium Fonts for Free!


 If you hesitated to purchase GOM Mix Max because of the fonts, it’s time to buy it! GOM Mix Max provides 5 trendy fonts through this update. Five popular fonts will be provided free of charge when purchasing GOM Mix Max. Purchase GOM Mix Max and get 5 premium fonts for free!

 From trendy Vlog fonts ‘Hanbatbatang’ and ‘Naemeosdaero’, retro-style fonts ‘Michelin’ and ‘Od Bubble pop’, to highlight font ‘Giwagothic’. GOM Mix Max offers 5 popular premium fonts that you can see on YouTube subtitles. Non-members and free version users can also try premium fonts! But please note that if you export in the free version, it will be exported without the premium fonts. (You need additional confirmation for commercial use of premium fonts.)






3. Try Diverse Editing with New Sources


✔ New Objects

 In this update, diverse new objects that are frequently used for video editing have been added. Style square and diverse time-related objects are added. Style square is useful for the title background. Diverse timer and clock-style objects help you to edit easier when you need a timer or clock in the video. 

 If you edit videos that require time checkings, such as study vlogs or workout videos, using this object could be very helpful!


✔ New Text Preset

 Vintage styles are available! Also, you can use new caption styles for faster editing. Let’s edit captions easily and quickly with a much more diverse style preset!






4. Benefits for non-members


✔ Export available

 Export, which was only available to members of GOM Lab, is now available to non-members! If you click ‘Export’ after editing, you can export it immediately without the login pop–up screen that was originally displayed. However, please note that there is a 10-minute limit and watermarks for non-members.


✔ Save Snap Shots 

 Snapshot storage is also available to non-members. If you click a snapshot icon, you can save the image immediately. Save the snapshot and create a video thumbnail to upload on YouTube.




 That’s all about the GOM Mix Max update in June. Using new features and effects, try easier and more pleasant video editing with GOM Mix Max.