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Top 5 Cost-Effective and Powerful Video Editing Software


Here is a list of 5 cost-effective and powerful video editing software for those who are on tight budgets, such as teens and college students, or who want simple and easy-to-use video editing software without complex functions.  

In this article, we introduce 5 affordable and powerful video editing software that can be used forever with a single purchase. 


Table of contents  

1. Top 5 video editing software 

1.1 GOM Mix Pro

1.2 Bandicut

1.3 Video Editor Plus

1.4 PowerDirector 20 Ultra

1.5 Filmora 11


1.1 GOM Mix Pro

gom mix pro


GOM Mix Pro offers endless animations, video and audio effects, filters, and templates. Beginners can use it easily since it offers an intuitive interface and a range of user manuals. You can categorize and manage media as you like, and the timeline tracks are also categorized by media such as music track and video track. It is very convenient to edit with many sources. If you pay $33(February 21, 2022), you can get a lifetime license. 

If you are on a tight budget and do not need advanced features such as PIP and chroma key, GOM Mix Pro is the solid choice! 




Read more about GOM Mix Pro


1.2 Bandicut




BANDICUT is a video editor that can cut out and merge video easily with a simple interface. It will be a useful software for people who need basic video editing tools. Also, you can trim video while keeping the resolution quality since it cuts video without encoding. 



  • - You can edit video clips without losing resolution quality  

  • - Best for basic editing with simple features 


  • - No other video effects are available. It offers only a basic video editing tool. 

  • - Cannot cut and merge at the same time. 

  • - Watermark is on a free version.  



1.3 Video Editor Plus

movavi video editor



Video Editor Plus allows you to use a bunch of special functions even when you need to edit music or add text. If you want to use more effects besides free templates, you can purchase the package. In addition to manually produced tools, it also provides the feature to automatically merge and create videos when videos are added. Beginners can use various functions easily with uploaded user guides or information within the program.



  • - Offers diverse transition and templates
  • - Multitrack is available.
  • - Auto video content maker feature is available.



  • - Free trial is available only for a week



1.4 PowerDirector 20 Ultra

powerdirector 20 ultra

(source :


PowerDirector 20 Ultra supports functions such as Chroma key and PIP effects. It also supports rich transactions and effects, which is useful for those who want to make an awesome video by overlapping effects with multiple sources. Especially, Power Director offers a variety of title effects compared to other software, so I recommend this software if you want to edit text. It is convenient to select the mode you want when you first start the software.





1.5 Filmora 11

filmora 11


Filmora X does not offer lots of special features, but it is very convenient to adjust the screen size and position, making it good software for beginners. The layout is neatly configured, and you can configure the layout easily by moving to each setting window. There is no time limit for the free version, so it would be good to try the free version first and then, purchase a paid version later when you need more features.



  • - Multitrack is available
  • - You can modify directly since you can adjust the size and position of the object on the preview screen.



  • - Watermark is on a free version.




So far, we introduced 5 cost-effective and powerful video editing software.

If you would like to edit a video for fun, this article will guide you towards choosing the best video editor.