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Recommended Vlog Editing Software


 If you are going to start YouTube, which video content would you choose? Most people will say ‘Vlogs’. Since Vlog is the most common and popular video content. YouTubers show their daily lives through Vlogs, and their Vlogs are entertaining and inspirational. 

A recent study has shown that 44% of internet users watch Vlogs every month. Every day, more than 5 billion video contents are uploaded and most of them are Vlogs. It shows that Vlogs are the most common and popular video content all over the world. 

Do you want to be a Vlogger? Here are some tips and recommendations of the best video editor for Vloggers!  




  Best Video Editing Software for Vloggers! 

  1. What is Vlog?

  2. Why is Vlog so popular?

  3. How to start Vlog?

  4. est Video Editing Software for Vlogger








✅ What is Vlog?

 Vlog stands for Video and Blog. These days, people prefer to record their daily lives in a video, instead of text. Originally, the Vlog is a video content to express and share their lives through social media. But people use Vlog in a broad meaning of recording and uploading something. 



✅ Why is Vlog so popular?


 ♦ Easiest Content to Create

 There are tons of content on YouTube, but Vlog is the easiest one to make since the topic is based on their daily life. YouTuber records their daily routine, edits it in a short form, and uploads it on their YouTube channel. Some people also upload videos of the scenery of every morning, others upload studying Vlogs or a couple Vlogs. 

 Professional topics need a lot of things to prepare and study, but Vlog does not need them. Therefore, Vlogs are the easiest and the most comfortable content to create.


 ♦ Ordinary but Unique

 Why do people watch Vlogs a lot? First, people can relieve their stress by watching Vlogs. Because they can get vicarious pleasure while watching the Vlogs of YouTubers who live their desired daily lives. 

 The other thing is that people can relate to it. It is because people can understand and relate to their lives while observing YouTubers’ lives that are different but similar. Vlogs are not special, but that's why they can be relatable and make people feel comfortable.




✅ How to start Vlog?

Search the Topic for Vlog

 It's about recording your daily life, but to become a popular Vlogger, you need to have a unique topic. Think about the topic you're going to use to create your Vlog! Many Vloggers create their videos with topics such as health, cooking, make-up, travel, and product review. Search and choose the topics that you can continue to create content.


Create Concept

 After you select the topic of content, create a concept for your video. If you want to make people feel comfortable through your calm and peaceful daily life, use calm audio tracks with visually stunning videos or make an ASMR video. If you choose ‘health’ for the topic, use active background music, with a speed-up video or you can make an explainer video through the narration. Think about who are the main target as your subscribers and what they want it. 




Get Free BGM

 Editing Vlogs, background music decides the vibe of the Vlog. But you cannot use music with copyright. There are some free copyright music sources, but every time you use them, you need to know the exact copyright rights. 

If it’s difficult to find it every time, you can easily use the background music in the YouTube library. You can listen to and download music easily with the YouTube library. However, it's free copyright only on YouTube, so you should be careful when using it!


Recording and editing

 Built-in video cameras in smartphones’ quality are good enough these days, so many Vloggers take their videos using smartphones. Also, many Vlogging cameras are being launched, it’s not hard to take a video. Also, editing is not that difficult. Of course, some professional editing software is expensive and tricky to use, but you can start your Vlog right away using affordable and easy video editing software.




✅ Best Video Editing Software for Vlogger

 GOM Mix Max is the best affordable video editing software for Vloggers. GOM Mix Max is a video editing software from GOM Lab which is well known for GOM Player. They have ‘GOM Mix’ which is free software, ‘GOM Mix Pro’ for beginners, and ‘GOM Mix Max’ for content creators. All of them are affordable and easy-to-use software.


▶ Why GOM Mix Max is the best?



1️⃣ Light Software

 Of course, video editing software requires expensive graphic cards and high-end computers. But, with GOM Mix Max, you don’t need to pay for expensive equipment. You can use it even when your graphic card is not expensive. If your computer’s CPU is higher than i5 you can use it smoothly.



2️⃣ Intuitive Interface

 If you do not start video editing yet because it’s hard, GOM Mix Max which has an intuitive interface will be the best choice for you! You can easily choose the effect you want because you can see how the effect will be applied through preview. 

 You can learn basic editing functions through a user guide in GOM Mix Max, GOM Lab’s official YouTube channel, or other lectures on YouTube. Also, it’s not so different from other software, you can use it easily if you have used other software before.



3️⃣ Free Various Effects

 GOM Mix Max offers more than 200 transitions and effects. For high-quality videos, not only the Dissolve/Zoom which is the most common function but also advanced effects like PIP, chroma key, and LUT filters are available. 




4️⃣ Cost-Effective Software

 Professional software costs more than $200 per year. Vlogs do not need professional editing skills at all! And for beginners, some features are not necessary.

 GOM Mix Max costs only $39.99 (Sale price could be vary depending on the date). It’s the same as $3.3 per month! Also, if you enter your billing information, you can try the free version for 2 months!




 Vlog is the most common and popular video content! If you want to be a Vlogger, check the tips in this article, and try to create a video right away. If you are going to edit your Vlog, please check the next article! We will introduce how to edit a Vlog in more detail.