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Self-Introduction Video (Video Resume) Tips to Get Hired!


 Recently, you can feel that the video is more accustomed to us than the text in our daily life. For example, when you purchase prefabricated furniture, you might search assembly instructions on YouTube rather than Blog. Also, this kind of change is applied to all generations. Now, people are used to getting all the information on video rather than text.
Many parts of our lives have changed through the video, but the resume is the thing that we couldn't change easily. However, since COVID-19, many companies have introduced online recruitment, and traditional resumes have been quickly replaced with video resumes. 

 Canadian e-commerce company Shopify recruited engineers, NBA recruited scouts and marketing analysts, and a total of 41 companies, including Sony Music, Target, and Chipotle, received video resumes. Some companies announced recruitment through videos to target those who submit video resumes. For example, the NHL (North American Ice Hockey League) and the Detroit Pistons of the NBA (National Basketball Association) teams.

 Recruitment experts say free-form videos are more useful in evaluating applicants' abilities. We will tell you the tips for creating self-introduction videos that lead you to get hired. If you are a job seeker, keep your eyes on it!




  Self-Introduction Video (Video Resume) Tips to Get Hired!

  1. Why do people pay attention to the video resume?

  2. What to put in the video resume

  3. Tips for Preparing the Video Resume

  4. Video editing tips for self-introduction video








✅ Why do people pay attention to the video resume?


 Why do companies change traditional resumes to self-intro videos? Currently, personal information, academic background, foreign activities, and experience should be filled out in chronological order in the paper resume. You can also easily get resume formats online. However, many job seekers are looking for better resume forms and even downloading neat resume forms at a cost. The reason is that the design is more neat and better than other applicants, also, leaves a good impression on potential employers. If you can handle design tools, you can make resumes in various formats, but these days, self-introduction videos are a trend for both interviewers and applicants to learn more easily than design tools.



 Recently, we surveyed job seekers of the young generation on why they think positively about video resumes. Many job seekers said they liked it because they could express their confidence and taste of individuality. Many people said they were positive because they could effectively show their activities/achievements along with visual data through videos. Interviewers also said that they could check the applicant's taste in advance and understand the applicant's ability more effectively than a paper resume. As video resumes are increasing not only in Korea but also around the world, it is time to prepare video resumes to seek employment.



✅ What to put in the video resume?

 When you create a traditional resume (CV), you use your information and history to show that you are the right person for the company. Even if it's made into a video, it's the same as the purpose. However, through the video, you can make a creative resume using individuality and visual materials.


Highlight Your Strengths.

 Think carefully about who you are and what activities you can use to prove it. It's not reliable just by speech. The fact that there are data and activities to support this will leave an impression on employers. For example, if your strength is honesty, you may look for data that can prove sincerity in your previous life. If it's a paper resume, you can appeal by writing the advantages in your self-introduction. However, there is a limit to prove that in writing, so it is more effective to prepare visual data through video. You can also prepare visual data for your previous job or part-time job. If possible, you can ask your former manager to testify and use the interview video as material. Create your own self-introduction video (video resume) by proving and highlighting your strengths in various ways.




✅ Tips for Preparing the Video Resume

📢 Create short and powerful video

 Employers will read tons of resumes. No matter how impressive the video is, if it takes more than one to two minutes, employers are not likely to watch it. Prepare a self-introduction video at an impactful and fast pace so that employers can keep their eyes on it.


📢 Use visual materials

The most important part of making a video resume is using visual materials. It is not just a video of the applicant's greeting, but also a video that impresses the applicant by using visual materials so that it can keep the applicant’s strengths well.


📢 Sound as natural as possible when recording

If you record yourself, it's important to speak naturally. Do not read or look at the script. Even if you memorize your script or record short videos to combine later, you need editing skills to make them naturally. 


📢 Make your own unique video

The most important thing is to make a unique self-introduction video. Think about what kind of talent is suitable for the job you are applying for, and make a video full of individuality by utilizing the advantages of being able to appeal to yourself.




✅ Video editing tips for self-introduction video


 If you prepare both self-introduction speeches and visual materials, you can edit them effectively with video editing software. In particular, we recommend some editing effects for a unique self-introduction video. We use GOM Mix Max and this software is available for 2 months free trial. Even after the free trial, you can use it at a low price, and you can create various video contents as well as self-introduction videos, so it will be the best video editing software for you.



🎞 PIP – Put various materials in multi-track, and put the necessary materials on the screen according to the PIP screen ratio. You can use 1) PIP Aspect Ratio and 2) PIP Mask Effect through ‘Effect panel-Effect-Video’ in GOM Mix Max.

🎞 Chroma Key – If you want to make a more unique video, you can use the Chroma key effect. If you record a video with only a monochromatic background, you can synthesize the background to make your desired video. You can use this effect through ‘Effect panel-Effect-Alpha/Crop/Mask l’ in GOM Mix Max.



🎞 Scroll transition – When you want to catch employers’ eyes, you can improve the quality of the video by using fast scroll transitions. In GOM Mix Max, it can be applied through. You can use this effect through ‘Effects Panel-Transition-Scroll’ in GOM Mix Max.


🎞 Dissolve Transition – If you want to make it more natural when combining the two videos, dissolve transition is the best. You can use it not only when you want to change the screen but also when you want to shorten and combine the videos. You can use this effect through ‘Effects Panel–Transition–Dissolve/Fade’ in GOM Mix Max.



🎞 Background music and sound effects – GOM Mix Max provides background music on the software. It's not easy to find copyright-free background music. But using GOM Mix Max, you can make a video with the background music and sound effects provided by GOM Mix Max.



 As the number of video resumes increases, make creative self-introduction videos that utilize your strengths and visual aids. You might create self-introduction videos in college, company, foreign activities, and social life at least once. So, please use video effects to improve the quality of the video to produce the desired results!