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4 Best Video Recording Software for Online Meetings


The biggest change with working from home in line with the ‘living with COVID-19’ era is the way of working. 

Most of all, online meetings using various platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams meetings, and WebEx meetings have become generalized. Online meeting platforms also have tools that provide recording functions, but video recording software makes it easier to record and share. 


Here is the list of best recording software for people who want to record online meetings. 



Table of Contents 

1. Tips for Choosing the Best Online Meeting Recording Software.   

2. Recommended Online Meeting Recording Software    

2.1 GOM Cam

2.2 Bandicam

2.3 Movavi Screen Recorder 

2.4 OBS




1. Things to Consider when Choosing an Online Meeting Recording Software   

You cannot record online meetings if you are not a host or participate in a meeting through a browser. In this case, it is convenient to use capture software. In this article, we’ll introduce 4 useful capture software when recording online meetings. 




  • Basic – $40/permanent license
  • Pro – $50/permanent license 


  • 1PC – $39.95 
  • 2PC – $79.90  
Movavi Screen Recorder 
  • permanent license (window)

$49.95/1PC (Mac) – $39.95/1PC 

  • 1year subscription

(window)– $34.95/1PC

(Mac) – $29.95/1PC

  • Free



2. Recommended Meeting Recording Software


2.1 GOM Cam


Gom Cam provides a video capture function and supports video editing features such as trimming unnecessary parts of recorded online meeting video. Also, it supports Intel Quick Sync Video to allow smooth recording without interfering with meeting recording.

Read more about GOM Cam


2.2 Bandicam


Bandicam is a screen capture software that can record online meetings as a high-quality video. It makes it possible to record with 4K UHD Video and hardware encoding is supported. It can capture up to 480 FPS videos if you use a high-performance CPU/GPU. Also, you can select a microphone to record your voice during the meeting and if you don’t select a microphone, you can choose to record the sound of participants only. It is more convenient to use the reserve feature for recording regular meetings and seminars. 


2.3 Movavi Screen Recorder


Movavi Screen Recorder is suitable software for both Windows and Mac. Simple and easy UI makes beginners to use it without any difficulties. Also, it supports a simple editing function, and edited meeting videos can be stored.  



2.4 OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software)



OBS Studio is free software widely used not only on Youtube, Twitch but also for live broadcasting. Although it is optimized for broadcasting, it can also be used for recording meetings such as ZOOM and Teams meetings. Feel free to download and record what you want.




There are many programs that allow you to record online meetings, such as ZOOM, Teams, and Google Meet.

If you use the programs introduced above, you can easily save them. In particular, ZOOM is very useful programs because even a user who participated as a guest without recording permission can record it, so please try it if you need to record.