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Top 10 Video Editing Software Recommending for Beginners


More and more users want to edit videos with their own hands from an Increased preference for Youtubers or video content creators as careers, online lectures due to COVID-19, and users who edit their video games as their hobbies. 

In addition, using video editing programs, people post their unique video content on Platforms like TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook. Also, more and more sellers explain their products using video instead of simple images on e-commerce sites.    

We are here to introduce the top 10 video editing software for beginners and people who dreams to become video editing experts. 


Table of Contents  

1. How to choose a Video Editing Software. 

2. Recommended Video Editing Software: Paid (Free Trial Available)  

2.1 Adobe Premiere Pro 

2.2 Final Cut Pro  

2.3 GOM Mix Max 

2.4 PowerDirector365

2.5 Filmora X

2.6 Movavi Video Editor 

3. 추천 영상 편집 프로그램 : 완전무료 

3.1 Microsoft사진

3.2 iMovie【macOS버전】

3.3 DaVinci Resolve 17 

3.4 Shotcut 


1. Things to Consider when Choosing a Video Editing Software. 

The key to choosing video editing software is taking the right software for your purpose. Be sure to install and experience free software and a free trial,  

Check if it fits your purpose, PC specification, and OS for video editing, and select the right software to create a great video.  

Product  Price

Adobe Premiere Pro 

  • Monthly - $31.49/mo 
  • Yearly (billed monthly) – $20.99/mo  
  • Yearly (billed upfront) - $239.88/yr 

Final Cut Pro 

  • Permanent license - $299.99 
GOM Mix Max
  • Yearly (Automatic Annual Payment) – $49/yr  
  • Yearly (billed upfront) - $49/yr 
  • Annual plan – $69.99 
  • Monthly plan – $19.99 

Filmora X 

  • Annual plan - $67.97 
  • Perpetual plan - $89.99 

Movavi Video Editor Plus 

  • 1-year license - $39.95 
  • Permanent license - $59.95 


  • Free 


  • Free 

DaVinci Resolve 17 

  • Free 


  • Free 

*The above survey is as of 22/01.


2. Recommended Video Editing Software: Paid (Free Version Available)  

There are many kinds of video editing software, but you need to choose according to your operating system and specifications. It is not easy to get a refund once you purchase it, so we recommend the following software that you can try for free to see if it suits you. 


2.1 Adobe Premiere Pro 

Adobe Premiere Pro, the most famous and feature-rich, is recommended for users who want to continue editing. 
It may be a little difficult for beginners, but it is easy to learn skills through YouTube. It is used the most in many companies, so if you want a professional job as a side income and working as a freelancer, you should try it. 



2.2 Final Cut Pro





















Final Cut Final Cut Pro is Apple's video editing software, famous for its iPhone and Mac. Windows does not support it, so Final Cut Pro is recommended for Mac users. Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular product for beginners and professionals, providing all the features you need to edit videos. Not only YouTube but also various social media sizes can be made to output files. 
If you want to be a video editing expert, use Adobe Premiere Pro. 



2.3 GOM Mix Max

Gom Mix Max offers a variety of animations, video effects, filters, and templates. It is easy for beginners to access video editing software through intuitive UI. It is fully functional software, such as trimming and synthesizing images, and adding effects of background music and captions are available. In addition, faster encoding and faster processing can help improve work efficiency. Also, you can cancel the function and edit videos on a low-spec PC, so it will be the best choice for beginners. 

Available OS 

 Microsoft Windows 10(64bit) later


  • Yearly (Automatic Annual Payment) – $49/yr  
  • Yearly (billed upfront) - $49/yr 


Memory 4GB RAM or more​


Free Download for GOM Mix Max


2.4 PowerDirector365


PowerDirector, the No. 1 software in domestic sales, maintained the basic functions and was able to make a stable video. It is useful for those who want to make diverse videos by overlapping various sources and effects. The advantages of 4K video, H.265 codec support, and the latest AI technology are significantly reduced editing time. 



2.5 Filmora X

The Wondershare Filmora X provides free background music, a variety of transactions and effects, and segmentation displays, so even beginners can make wonderful videos. 
The layout is easy to understand, simple, and fully functional in the free version, but if you are satisfied with the features and effects, you should purchase a paid version. 
It is also effective to use Filmstock to find more diverse sources needed for video editing and ‘Filmora wedding’, a software dedicated to video editing for weddings. 


2.6 Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor is software that provides all kinds of special functions. Such as music editing and text insertion. If you want to use more effects than free templates, you can purchase and use the package. In addition to manual production tools, a function automatically connects to make videos when you add media. Even beginners can easily use various functions through the uploaded user guide and in-program instructions. 



3. Recommended Video Editing Software: Free 

Here is the list of free video editing software for those who are burdened with purchasing paid software. 


3.1 Microsoft photos

windows photo

Microsoft Photo is a Windows 10 software that manages photo libraries and albums and video editing. You can easily edit videos by adding title cards, typing captions, cutting and trimming videos. 



3.2 iMoviemacOS

iMovie is a free video editing software built into Mac OS. If Mac users simply want to use video editing software, iMovie is recommended. 


3.3 DaVinci Resolve 17

Da Vinci Resolve 17 is a free advanced video editing software. You can apply the same level of color adjustment and effects as the advanced paid video software. 
In addition, it is software that can be used by beginners to advanced users by removing low-pitched noise using audio EQ (equalizer) or by using a mixer to change the volume. Low-specification computers do not work properly, so check the installation specifications. 



3.4 Shotcut

Shotcut is free video software, but it provides powerful features. This could be difficult for beginners, however, users who have previously encountered video editing software can experience powerful functions. In addition, it supports various formats of videos, 4K videos, filters, and transaction processing functions. It is also a cross-platform video editing software that runs not only on Windows, Mac but also on Linux. 



In this article, we have recommended video editing software for YouTubers who want to start editing videos and those who want to make editing videos a profession. We hope it will help you choose the video editing software that suits you among these recommendations. 
If you are planning on purchasing paid video editing software, be sure to check if it supports Windows 11.