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Things You Should Consider When Starting Youtube!



In 2021, ‘Youtube’ was the number one Globally Most Searched Term in Google. Nowadays, searching for YouTube has become a daily activity, not just to watch fun videos but also for information/reviews in our lives. Recently, as the pandemic has accelerated its digital pace, time spent on social media has been significantly increased. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says YouTube has about 1.8 billion monthly users. This data was estimated only from logged-in users, so if you add up non-logged-in users, more people are using YouTube worldwide. YouTube has been consolidating its position as the most influential online media in our lives.

As youtube is booming, people who dream of become Youtubers are significantly increasing. According to a recent study, a YouTuber is one of the most desired careers among kids and teens. And many people are starting a second job on Youtube after their work or trying to be full-time YouTubers. 

We dream of being Youtubers because we can share our lives like SNS, can resonate, and earn a lot of money by increasing the number of subscribers and fans. What should we prepare in advance to start such an attractive Youtube? 




  Things you should prepare before starting Youtube

  1. What Will Your Video Be About?

  2. What Camera Does a Youtuber Need?

  3. Easy Video Editing Software










✅ What Will Your Video Be About?


Pick The Topic You Like That You Can Upload Consistently.

To start YouTube, you first need to think about which YouTube channel to run. According to the purpose, preparation, video shooting, and direction of editing will be determined which should be prepared by the side. Content topics range from professional knowledge-based content to content that shows your daily life. There are various ideas like beauty, travel, pets, Vlogs, and games. But the most important thing is that it has to be an interesting topic that you can continue to deal with. A Long Youtube journey is essential to make your YouTube channel successful. The topic that you can upload consistently will make your long journey fun. 


Analyze The Most Trending Videos Right Now.

Though you chose a topic that you can upload consistently, it might not attract people’s interest. One of the most important things is to show people what they want to watch. It is necessary to judge carefully whether the topic you chose is what people want or not. If you're not sure, check out trending videos! When a single video topic gets popular, a similar video is uploaded. If you're not sure at first, it's a good idea to start by choosing a popular topic. 

Make Your Character.

Now, you have already chosen the topic that both you and people are interested in. But, tons of YouTubers use the same idea as you. So, you should make your character compete with them. It does not need to be unique. It's more important to express your character well, even if they're low-key like a Vlog that you can see other people's daily lives. If you chose ‘travel’ as your topic, you have to make your character to be popular among many Youtube channels that share the same topics. There is a good example. There are a few YouTubers who travel under bad conditions due to the pandemic. They made a video that shows other countries’ situations and how they travel under these bad conditions. They have a general topic like ‘Travel’ but it is a trending video these days by making their characters under their special circumstances. It is really hard to find your niche on Youtube now. So, try to make your own character even if the topic is general! 

Many people want to start Youtube, but they can’t get started not because they don’t know how to do it, but because they don’t know what to do. If you decided on the video content and topic, you are already half done starting Youtube.  






✅ What Camera Does a Youtuber Need?


Youtube is a ‘video platform’. People share the information and reviews through the videos. To start Youtube, you have to make video content. When making a video, ① there is a format that uses video source and image source. And ② there is a format that shoots video yourself and edits it. In the case of number one, a typical example would be a channel that introduces news or reviews movies. You can make videos using existing video footage and image sources without having to shoot yourself. If you don't have the video footage you need, try using a site that provides free stock video footage!

       ☞ TOP8 Free Video Stock Footage Websites


If you shoot a video and edit it by yourself, you need a camera that can shoot a video. Cameras range in price from low-end to professional, so you can work on videos at your level. Then, do we have to buy a camera separately? We already have very good cameras worth $850, which is a smartphone. Representatively, people use Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy series. Both products have good camera performance and can shoot videos for YouTube. Most YouTubers shoot all their videos with their phones without having to buy a separate camera.




■ Smartphone :  iPhone 13 pro vs Galaxy S21 Ultra 


We pick the most recommended models among the latest smartphones. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro, released in September 2021, is the most recommended model for daily video. It provides 4K 60 frames and Cinematic modes. It is the only smartphone that lets you edit the depth effect. Using the Cinematic mode, you can shoot higher-quality videos. It supports 8K video that uses 4 times more pixels than Galaxy S21 Ultra 4K. it supports 24 frames for 8K and 60 frames for 4K.
Also, as iPhone’s Cinematic mode, Galaxy has Super Steady mode. It is advanced video camera technology that makes you record video with action-cam clarity. With Super steady serving as a video stabilizer, you can record the moment with less blur and shake.



■ Digital Camera : Canon Power Shot G7X Mark Ⅲ vs Sony zv-1 


If you want to use a digital camera, here are reasonably priced cameras for Youtube beginners. Canon Power Shot G7X Mark Ⅲ is a small-sized compact camera that supports 4K UHD. You can shoot video without crop. Moreover, it supports Youtube live streaming, so it is the best camera for Youtubers. Sony zv-1 is a well-known digital camera with a built-in filter feature that makes your skin super flawless. It has various features for Vloggers such as amazing video color and fast AF drive speed. Both of the cameras are priced at $750, and it supports webcam software so you can connect to your computer and use it as a webcam. It is great for not only to shoot video but also to stream as a high-quality webcam.



■ Action Camera: DJI Action 2 vs Gopro Hero 10


If you want a dynamic angle with an action camera, we recommend these two products for priced at $500. DJI Action 2 is small enough to hide in one hand. The front side has a camera and a screen on the back. That is all that you need. So, it is small and convenient. It supports up to 4K 120 frames and can be recorded for 50 minutes without modules. Another recommended action camera is GoPro, the most famous product. GoPro hero 10 also supports 4K 120 frames and up to 5K 30 frames. In particular, GP2 processors, which are higher than old models, can be upgraded in both image resolution and function.






✅ Easy Video Editing Software


The next stage is editing the video to make it more fun. The most well-known video editing software is Adobe’s Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is an expert-level video editing software that can use every effect you want. However, there are many difficulties to deal with at the beginner level. In addition, the annual usage cost is $239.88(including VAT), which is a high investment cost. So, if you're planning to start YouTube, it's better to use low-cost video editing software that already has all presets to use right away and similar UI/UX with professional software.



■ GOM Mix Max


GOM Mix Max Download


Light video editing software that can be used with low graphics specifications.

Many people think that video editing software is very heavy. If you use Premiere Pro on your home computer or laptop, you might have some problems because of the heavy software. Gom Mix Max can be used seamlessly in low graphics environments with Intel Core i5. You don't have to buy a computer with high specifications to use video editing software, and you can edit it on your home computer.


Easily applying effects, professional functions like Chroma key, PIP, and Split screen.

You can see how the effects and overlay transition effects are shown on the screen as an image.
Also, it provides built-in images, background music, and fonts so, you can quickly edit your video. Moreover, it provides professional functions such as chroma key, PIP, and split-screen to make your video more diverse.


Reasonably Priced Software.

 Most of all, the reason we recommend GOM Mix Max to beginner Youtubers because of the price!  You can use it at a bargain price of $39.99 (including VAT). In addition, GOM Mix Max is free to use for 2 months after entering your buying information. So, you can buy programs after using them for free. Save one cup of coffee a month and make a YouTube video for yourself! (Sale price could be vary depending on the date)



Did you check all the things you should prepare before starting Youtube?

Let’s make a video and upload it!

You can be a Youtuber by making trending videos sharing your daily life and providing necessary information.