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Recommend Top 8 Free Stock Video Websites



 When editing videos, stock videos are often needed to improve the quality of video or make visually stunning videos. It would be nice to shoot yourself if you have a suitable location, a model, and filmmaking gear, but if not, you can use the stock video footage for editing. However, video editing sources are copyrighted and often have to pay for use. Shutterstock and Gettyimages, which are already well-known stock video sites, charge a subscription fee for their video content.  

 But if you have just started editing videos or have not yet done professional editing, it is burdensome to purchase stock video footage. For those people, we’ll introduce you to some Stock Video Websites that can be used for free without worrying about copyright.

Here are 8 free stock video sites that provide diverse, high-quality videos, or even 4K videos.




  Free Stock Video Footage Sites Recommendation

   1. Pixabay

   2. Pexels

   3. Videvo

   4. Videezy

   5. Life of Vids

   6. Dareful

   7. Mazwai

   8. Mizkit










- Best known website with a great selection of royalty-free videos

 Pixabay is the best-known website for free stock videos that offers videos and diverse media sources like images, illustrations, sound effects, and music. Above all, it has the most data among the 8 sites in this article. Pixabay offers over 2.3 million sources that can make the video more diverse. For video sources, MP4 files support up to 4K, most of them are less than one minute long. 







- Are looking for the most trendy video source? Pexels

 If you look closely at Pexels' video sources, you may feel different from other stock video sites. This is because there are many vertical videos. Since most of the videos are 16:9 horizontal, many stock video sites offer horizontal videos. However, it is inconvenient for people to turn the screen to see horizontal videos on their smartphones. What if you find videos to post on social media such as Shorts (YouTube) or Reels (Instagram)? You can easily get 9:16 vertical videos tailored to your smartphone with Pexels.

 In addition, Pixels has many video sources using chromakey. Some of the character’s backgrounds are monochromatic chromakey, but some videos can be used in various ways by putting chromakey in certain parts of the image, such as smartphones and frames. It also provides dynamic videos using GoPro, so you can find the most trendy video sources.









- A site with thousands of unique video clips

 Videovo provides various video clips such as chromakeys, animations, and motion graphics as well as filmed videos. There are not many 4K stock videos, but there are many unique videos. If you click on right of Videovo's video sources, you can see the different license types which can be used in three forms.




ㆍVidevo Attribution License: You can use it for free, but you have to credit the original author.
ㆍCreative Commons 3.0: You can use it for free with credit and it can be re-edit/transformed.
ㆍRoyalty free: You can use and edit it as you want without credit. But, if it has been marked as ‘Editorial Use Only’, you cannot use it for a commercial purpose.

 Vidovo has different agreements for different license types. It is more diverse than other stock video sites, so you need to ensure that you are using clips correctly.








- A site with a lot of nature and aerial videos

 If you want to put nature or aerial videos, Videezy will be the best choice for you. Lifestyle and people videos are difficult to find, but aerial videos or videos of the natural scenery are much more difficult to find! In Videezy, many video sources contain difficult angles and scenery of nature. It supports up to 4K videos, so you can find beautiful high-definition scenery. Most of Videezy's videos are available for free, but some videos are not. If you search for the keyword of the video you want, you can see some videos with a green band called "Pro" which needs a license for use. All other video editing sources are free of charge. However, if you use free video footage, you should guide the source of the site.







 ✅ Life of Vids


- High-quality video sources made by a marketer

 Life of Vids is a free stock video site run by Leeroy, an advertising agency in Montreal, Canada. Although the amount of the video footage is not large, it provides high-quality videos. Especially, there are a lot of videos taken from a different angle than other sites. Since it is run by an advertising agency, there are many trendy videos. If you need emotional videos with warm music, you can find the videos you want in Life of Vids. 




 There is no copyright problem with these video footages even for commercial use. However, if you redistribute it to another site, up to 10 videos are available. If you like the Life of Vids video, you can express your appreciation through donation. They are only asking to donate enough money for beer. If you would like to donate, you can click the 'Pay for Beer' button in the bottom right corner of the website!









- 4K resolution free stock video site

 Most videos in Dareful are filmed by videographer Joel Holland. Although they only have certain number of videos, you can find many high-definition 4K videos as it was taken by a professional photographer. It is the most appropriate stock video site that focuses on quality rather than quantity. Dareful also has a lot of aerial videos. All of them are high-definition videos from skill of experts. Dareful's videos can be copied, re-edited, or modified for any purposes. However, you should credit the source site and indicate whether it has been modified or not.



 If you download the video in Dareful, you can copy the code through a pop-up immediately. When you post the video, you can easily use this code to guide the source.









- What if you need an edited and completed video source? Mazwai

 On the stock video sites we have introduced so far, you were able to download videos within a minute with one theme. You had to download the videos one by one and edit them yourself. Mazwai also provides the same video within a minute, but it provides a complete video with background music using multiple cuts of about 3-4 minutes. If you have difficulty collecting and editing multiple videos yourself, you can download Mazwai's edited videos. You can use, re-edit, or modify it for any purpose, but be sure to check the license usage instructions under the Download button before using it. Some videos can be used without credit, but some videos must be used with credit. Also, please note that there are very few 4K images and most of them are provided in HD and FHD.









- Provides a creative video like a scene from a commercial

 Mixkit even provides video sources, background music, sound effects, and video templates. The free video editing sources provided are professional and emotional. In particular, the videos with people are very attractive. In particular, you can feel like an advertisement by using professional models. There are also illustration videos and videos that can use chromakey, so you can find various videos that you want. Mixkit also provide vertical videos for Shorts (YouTube) or Reels (Instagram). In addition, Mixkit also provides video templates. It provides templates for video editing programs such as Premier Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve.





So, we’ve introduced you to the Top 8 free stock video sites that provide free video. You can get the desired video from HD to 4K, natural aerial videos to people videos through searching.
Now, create your video using these free stock video footages! Most videos from recommended sites can be used for free whether for commercial or non-commercial, some videos are restricted for commercial or must be notified of their sources. Before you use them, make sure to check the license agreement for each video sites.