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Editing ChromaKey Video with GOM Mix Max


Hello, everyone! 



Are you all doing well video editing with GOM Mix Max? 


I think it's best to try out video editing as much as you can. 


We hope our postings are useful to your editing. 




But don't get too comfortable now! 


We prepared a post today to share more tips for you. 




GOM Mix Max keeps updating and new features are added constantly. 


Today, I would like to introduce one of the most professional features! 


Did you know that you can compose videos with GOM Mix Max? 




Screen composition is a function that is often used when people stream at YouTube and plan some video contents. 


The most basic screen composite is chromakey. 


Of course, you don’t have to worry about using chromakey effect if you’re using GOM Mix Max! 


I’ll introduce all about Chromakey today.


So let's get started! 









01 The Essentials of Video Compositing! Tips for Shooting Chromakey Video 


02 Editing ChromaKey Videos: Transforming background from simple to stunning! 





Part 1. The Essentials of Video Compositing! Tips for Shooting Chromakey Video 





When you shoot video with a green or blue screen, you can replace that background with the video you desire in the editing phase. This is what we refer to as a chromakey video. 


Of course shooting with green or blue screen is the most important point. 




And be careful whether the lighting is illuminating on screen evenly. 


If the lighting doesn't cover it and the screen color becomes dark, some parts may not be recognized as green during background compositing. 


Editing in such circumstances can be quite challenging, so I strongly recommend to check it often. 




For even lighting, consider pointing the lighting towards the ceiling or using broader devices. 


Lighting is crucial in photography, often referred to as the 'art of light.' 


Let’s talk deeper about lighting in the next post. 




When you want to check if the lighting is even, I suggest checking it directly on your laptop. 




Part 2. 이렇게 밋밋한 화면이 내가 원하는 배경으로 바뀐다고? 크로마키 영상 편집법



Well, If you finished filming, now you have to start editing.



First of all, import two video clips: 


1) The original shot taken with a chromakey screen 

2) The background video you want to insert 



After import these media, 





Now just drag it to the timeline with the original shot on the upper track and the background video on the lower track. 





Then it’s time to use chromakey effects. 





Click [Effect] > [Alpha/Crop/Mask] and apply [Chromakey 01] on the original shot. 


In the Effects panel, choose the eyedropper tool and select the green area of the video. This will remove that area, leaving a black background. 


Finally, adjust the Min. Threshold and Max. Threshold settings to reveal the background. 




Now that you've learned how to use the chroma key effect, you'll start to notice that many of the effects frequently seen on YouTube are actually created using chroma key, right? 


With chromakey, you can create interesting videos, so why not give this feature a try yourself? 




Personally, I think that using the chromakey feature when editing videos will definitely improve the quality. 





It looks like you can now proficiently handle chromakey video editing! 


Chroma key video editing is commonly used in professional fields. This allows you to customize the video background as desired and to use the video in various ways. 




By utilizing editing tools like GOM Mix Max, you'll find it easier and more convenient to perform a wide range of editing skills. 


We also apply various effects thanks to chromakey in our editing process, and we suggest you try using chromakey effects in your video editing as well. 




That's it for today's post. 


Our posting will continue until you master the way of video editing! 


Then See you in the next post! 




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