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How to do video editing for vlogs!


Hello, everyone! 


Today's topic is all about vlog video editing. 



Have you ever felt something strange about your videos when you create a vlog? 


Even if you feel like that, you may not know where to start over. 



In fact, there were frequently asked questions like: 

"My vlog is a bit awkward." 

"My video isn't fun at all." 



If you're beginner to video editing, I think you may have similar concerns. 


So, today's post is all about how to edit vlogs well!



Let's get started! 







01 Tips for editing vlogs


02 Use effects appropriately 




Part 1. Tips for editing volgs  


First, a vlog refers to a video that including one’s daily life and shared on the internet. 


It's just like uploading your video diary on the internet! 



Daily life means common activities like being at home, working, or shopping at the supermarket.



But it might be challenging to figure out what to emphasize and what to cut. 


Then, let’s think of a basic three-part structure: introduction, main content, and conclusion. 


With this structure, you can edit videos more effectively. 


- Introduction: Explain the topic of the video (Show what will follow in this video in 10 seconds) 

- Main content: Contents that related to the topic (Show the entire narrative of the video) 

- Conclusion: The end of the topic (Show the core of the video or the beginning of the next episode) 


Introduction/main content/conclusion can be divided like this. 


We will focus more on explaining the video's topic in the next post :D 



The flow of content is the most important thing in video editing. 


The main part is especially long, so the main part is quite similar to writing an essay. 


When editing, ensure the content flows well and avoid repeating the same information. 



For example, if you have a morning scene and the next shot is also a morning scene, it won't work for the story, right? 


It is essential to ensure the video is well-structured because it helps videos become more professional vlogs. 


If the video you've edited feels awkward, try checking if the content is well-structured.



One more thing that you should think about is ‘tempo.’ 


First, open a new project in GOM Mix Max and import your footage. 



Then, proceed the cut editing on the timeline. 





Here, the most important thing is to create rhythm.


I think many of you might overlook this. 


While most people add background music after finishing the cut editing, I recommend loading the music onto the timeline first and editing to match its beat. 




Part 2. Use effects appropriately 


When editing your vlog, you can use effects as a turning point to make your videos even better. 


For example, when the flow of content changes, such as changing locations in a video, you can use transitions to smooth the progress. 



In my case, I often change the subtitle style as transitions. 


Add the sun sticker next to the subtitles when it's morning, and a moon sticker when it's night. 


And I also use transitions where necessary. 



Applying effects in GOM Mix Max is quite simple.


Select the effect you want from "Effects", "Overlay", "Clip Transition", and "Track Transition" and bring it to the timeline. 


The effects are divided into categories, so you can conveniently search for the one that suits your video! 




Each effects have to be used in appropriate places. 


If you use too many, your video will become messy and may disappointing your subscribers. 


So you must be careful to use the effects only where necessary. 





So, we've looked at some of the tips for vlog editing. 


If you feel awkward when editing your vlog, we recommend you to try today's post. 


And here’s one more tip: Write down the content of the video before editing. 


It will be also helpful because the structure looks even better than editing without that. 


Writing and editing with this shortens editing time and makes videos more eye catching. 



That's all for today's post. 


We will continue to give you tips for video editing until you all improve your skills! 


Then see you in the next post! 




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