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Features for More Detailed Video Editing (Feat. GOM Mix Max)


Hello everyone! Today, I'd like to introduce the various features of GOM Mix Max.


With GOM Mix Max, you can edit a video with a wide range of possibilities because it has numerous detailed functions.


In this post, we'll specifically discuss about ‘Text(Subtitles)’, ‘Stickers’, ‘Objects’, and ‘Overlays’. 

This article may cover some fundamental concepts for beginners. But it could be also a reminder for those who are familiar with GOM Mix Max. Then let's get it started! 






01 How to Add Text to Videos with GOM Mix Max 

02 How to Add Stickers to Videos with GOM Mix Max 

03 After Effects on GOM Mix Max? The feature ‘Object’ 

04 Enhancing Video Details with Overlays




Part 1. How to Add Text to Videos with GOM Mix Max 


Load Videos in GOM Mix Max


GOM Mix Max Text Panel



Adding subtitles with GOM Mix Maxis super easy.


First, create a project, and then you can generate subtitles or write some text in the 'Text' panel.


In other video editing programs, you have to adjust text effects manually. But GOM Mix Max offers a variety of templates. So you can simply choose the text design you want to use from the list and apply it. 


If you want to customize the template, simply drag and drop the text effect onto the timeline and double-click it. There are many options that you can modify such as scale, stroke and background colors. Create your own unique design!



Part 2. How to Add Stickers to GOM Mix Max





GOM Mix Max is more convenient than other video editing programs.

One of the reasons for that is the Sticker feature. People who edit vlogs or YouTube videos often insert various effects to specialize their videos.


Using GOM Mix Max's sticker feature at this point can be of great help to you. You can insert illustrations into your videos with ease.

If your video editing tool doesn't have a sticker feature, you would need to search for illustrations to add to your video. But don't forget, everything is prepared in GOM Mix Max! 

You can use various stickers like 'Emoji,' 'Travel,' and more, whatever your editing style is. And all stickers are categorized by type, so you can easily find what you want.



Part 3. After Effects on GOM Mix Max? The Object feature




Now, let's talk about the Object feature of GOM Mix Max that is just like Adobe After Effects. 


Don't you want to edit your video in more detail with skills that could support your vision? 


Let's say you want to add a stopwatch effect to your video. If you're using a different video editing program, you would need to edit the effects function manually or download more video sources. 
But don’t worry, GOM Mix Max has the 'Object' feature! You can easily enhance the quality of your video using a variety of Object templates.


To edit a video with just your own recordings and subtitles, it's ideal for the original footage to be of good quality for good results. But it’s okay if your filming skills are not that great! Using the various objects in GOM Mix Max can help enhance the quality of your video. 



Part 4. Enhancing Video Details using Overlays




If you want to add another background within your video footage, try using the Overlay feature! 


The Overlay feature is used to place an overlay, like some sparkles or a background, on top of the video. This feature is useful for setting a mood in the video.


Other effects like text, stickers, objects, etc., need to be created separately on the timeline, whereas overlays do not. Since the effects layer covers the entire video clip, the overlay feature does not occupy space on the timeline! That’s why we named the feature ‘Overlay’.

Then what if you want to add overlays to specific sections of the video? It's simple. You just cut the clip you want to put the effect on, then you can apply overlays only to that part! 


Using overlays can make your video much more dynamic. If you use this feature to the video's highlight, you can enhance the emphasis more effectively. Why not explore more effects and find a style that suits you by trying it yourself? 





Today, we looked into the convenient editing features of GOM Mix Max, including 'Text,' 'Sticker,' 'Object,' and 'Overlay.' 

GOM Mix Max is a user-friendly program, making it easy for even beginner. If you're struggling with video editing, we recommend you to give this program a try. 

GOM Mix Max offers a variety of editing features and special effects. The fastest way to understand them is to use the program yourself. 



Do you want to see more tutorial videos about GOM Mix Max? Check out the YouTube link below!

You can be a good online video editor with GOM Mix Max!




GOM Mix Max Free Download  More about GOM Mix Max



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