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Shortcut keys fasten your video editing in GOM Mix Max


Hello, everyone!



Today, we’re going to explore the keyboard shortcut keys for GOM Mix Max.


This post should be useful for those who are familiar with video editing using GOM Mix Max. 


But I think this will be helpful even for beginners because shortcut keys are essential for efficient video editing.



GOM Mix Max designers have made video editing more intuitive and user-friendly, so they have also made shortcut keys straightforward.


While there are many shortcut keys available, we'll focus on the most commonly used ones. 



Then, let’s begin!







01 Basic shortcut keys of GOM Mix Max 


02 shortcut keys for editing video in GOM Mix Max 




Part 1. Basic shortcut keys of GOM Mix Max (Project/Clip)




GOM Mix Max's basic shortcut keys are similar to other programs. 



Let me introduce some of the important ones here. 


Before using the keys, of course you have to create a project first. 


Then, to load specific media (video/images) onto the timeline, simply press Ctrl+I


Do you want to duplicate a single clip? Press Ctrl+D, and each time you press it, it will duplicate. Give it a try! 


After creating all your videos, try pressing Ctrl+E to export them as media (videos). 


(* If you've tried video editing with any other programs, you might be familiar with Ctrl+M, so don't get confused!) 



So far, these are the most commonly used general shortcut keys. 


For the full list, please check the image above.



Part 2. Shortcut keys for editing video in GOM Mix Max

So, what are the shortcut keys that we can use commonly when editing in GOM Mix Max? 



Firstly, to bring media onto the timeline, you can just press Q after selecting the media. This will add it as a clip directly to the track without drag and drop! 


When trimming clips, you can use Ctrl+K to cut down to the desired length. 



And use Shift+V to add video tracks and Shift+A for audio tracks.  


Now you don’t have to right-click at all! 


Try editing with shortcut keys for a smoother experience! 



Effect & Overlay Property editing: Alt + S


Text & Object property editing: Alt + P


Transition property editing: Alt + C (for clip transition) or Alt + T (for track transition). 



If you're beginner to GOM Mix Max, you might have been double-clicking to edit properties. Using these keys will make your work more convenient. 


Explore more editing shortcut keys by referring to the chart above and give them a try one by one! 






So, we've looked at some of the shortcut keys in GOM Mix Max. 



However, I understand that some of the complex keys may take a while to get comfortable. 


In GOM Mix Max, you can customize it as you want at: 'Preferences' > 'Hotkeys'! 



If you encounter keys you're not familiar with, don't hesitate to adjust them to better suit your needs! 


That's it for today's post! 


When you become skilled in GOM Mix Max, I strongly suggest using shortcut keys in your workflow. They not only enhance convenience but also save you valuable time. 


Then, see you in the next post!




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