GOM Recorder

The Easiest and Convenient Recording App
Smart Calendar Sync Feature!

4 Unique Recording Features:
Advanced Organization- Maintain and manage all your folders and files easily.

Other recording apps need to be opened to record.
With GOM Recorder you can use the traditional way, as well as 3 other smart ways. GOM recorder also always you to manage your files before and after your recording.
Calendar Sync Scheduled Recording, Shake Gesture Recording, One-Touch Recording Widget, Easy Folder/File Management

Is it really ‘smart’?

With other recording apps you had to touch the record button to start recording.
But! Gom Recorder provides the basic recording button as well as 3 types of additional functions to start recording.
- "Scheduled recording" to manually set or link with my calendar to automatically start/end the recording at your desired time. - "Gesture recording" to quickly start recording by shaking sideways when you're in a hurry. - "Widget recording" to start recording with one touch from background screen.

Why is it easier to manage files with Gom Recorder?

Ever had to listen to other recorded files to finally find what you wanted? From now on, manage them with Gom Recorder. - Gom Recorder can create a folder with the name of your choice. - With Gom Recorder, you can choose the folder to save to before starting to record, making it easier to search the recorded files by subjects such as meetings/lectures. - Even if you don't specify the file name, Gom Recorder would automatically create the file name to match the recorded time.

Who should use Gom Recorder?

Gom Recorder is for those who have to record and manage their everyday life, such as office workers who always has to plan ahead for important meetings, students who goes to regular classes, and professional workers who need recording full-time. Smartly record every moment with Gom recorder, which will be your voice scripter!