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GOM Remote

When UPNP unavailable window is displayed upon connection of GOM Remote

Posted 10 Dec 2015 18:16 By didqn****

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1. Find your router's user manual or on-line documentation


2. Check whether your router supports UPnP


3. If they do, you may need to switch the feature on in the router's software


4. If the services are enabled, try toggling them off and then back on again and try to connect the Server once more


5. If your computer has a firewall, proxy, ad-blocking software, anti-virus software, or similar installed, try temporarily disabling them and then attempt to connect the Server again Sometimes, older routers offer UPnP support that may not work with new applications. If you cannot get the router to automatically configure the port-forward, you can seek help from the manufacturer or other forums. There may be upgraded firmware that fixes the issue.


If disabling the firewall allows successful publishing, you need to add the "GOM Remote Server" to the firewall's allowed list. Consult the firewall's user manual.