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GOM Audio

Would like to know the maximum play resolution supported by GOM Audio.

Posted 26 Nov 2015 11:42 By didqn****

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Up to 320 kbit/s are supported in the case of MP3 format.


8- and 16-bit linear PCM (rates up to limit of hardware) in the case of PCM/WAVE format.

Sampling rates for raw PCM recordings at 8000, 16000 and 44100 Hz.


Mono/Stereo (no multichannel) in the case of FLAC format.

Sample rates up to 48 kHz (but up to 44.1 kHz is recommended on devices with 44.1 kHz output,

as the 48 to 44.1 kHz down sampler does not include a low-pass filter).


16-bit recommended; no dither applied for 24-bit.